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New robots to assist sportspersons at 2020 Tokyo Paralympics

A new set of robots created by automobile giants Toyota is going to be introduced at the Tokyo Paralympics 2020. These robots will reach out to participants with mobility issues who are attending the event. This novel initiative by Toyota is already winning hearts.

Robots are going to become quite a common thing in years to come. They will revolutionise the way humans carry out daily activities to work and studies. The Tokyo Paralympics 2020 is a taste of things to come. Automobile giant Toyota who is a partner in the event, is gearing up to use expertise in robotics to help people with mobility issues. Reportedly, four new robots will be introduced to reach out to those who are in need.

The robots are going to have many duties at the event from welcoming guests, offering them food and drinks and helping them move around. They are also going to ensure that participants can make the best out the Paralympic games. According to reports, these robots will have different facial expressions.

Chatty robots unveiled for 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Japan Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics organisers have launched their ambitious Robot Project, unveiling two robots designed to help supporters, employees and athletes at the Games-Charles Mok, Internet Entrepreneur and IT advocate.

Named Miraitowa and Someity, these robots will also be able to move their arms and legs which will help them do things with ease. Makers believe that children with disabilities who attend the Paralympic games are the ones who are going to make the best out of the robots.

For those who unable to become directly part of the Paralympics, T-HR3 and T-TR1 robots will give them a feel of being at the event. It will help a person feel more physically present at the event. Human supported HSR, FSR and DSR robots will also help in aiding those with mobility issues.

Para sportspersons from India are excited about these new set of robots. Satish Kumar, who is a nationally acclaimed Wheelchair Boccia player from Chennai is looking forward for something like this to be introduced in India as well.

"These robots are definitely an interesting technology. But they have to be accurate since they are controlled by someone else. They must understand needs of each disabled person and work accordingly. I feel makers of these robots must also take some safety measures because after all technology is not fully in our hands", says Kumar.

"This is undoubtedly a great technology. So I'am waiting to see how this is going to work at the Paralympics", says Dilip Kumar Gowda, a wheelchair tennis player from Karnataka.

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