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Good sleep patterns can help children cope better with ADHD symptoms, says study

According to a new study, regular sleep patterns can help children with ADHD cope with the symptoms of the disorder better. It can even help them enhance their organising skills.

Sleeping on time and for an adequate number of hours everyday restores and heals us. It helps reduce stress, depression, inflammation and is also a great way to lose weight. Now, a recent study by the American Physiological Society says it can even help teenagers with ADHD work efficiently and control their emotions better.

People with ADHD tend to be hyperactive, aggressive, show compulsive behaviour and are unable to pay attention for a long time. The study says good sleep can reduce some of these signs significantly. It can help them focus better ad longer and help improve academic performance.

Researchers studied teenagers who were diagnosed with ADHD for the study. Initially, they were asked to sleep for almost six hours everyday for a week. This was later increased to nine hours. A dramatic difference was seen in behaviour after this with memory, organisation skills and planning abilities markedly better.

However, the study also says that parents and guardians must regulate the sleep. This is because children with ADHD tend to sleep during daytime and this can have a negative impact on the health.

Umakrishnan, Founder, Abhyan, a centre that reaches out to children with developmental disorders, agrees with the findings.

Studies have proved how sleeping is important for staying healthy. Since youngsters with ADHD are accumulated with so much of energy, they need exercises to pump it out. At the same time, they must sleep well so that they are ready to take up more challenges. I have noticed that youngsters with ADHD who has disturbed sleep finds it hard to do day to day activities. Parents and guardians must ensure that the youngster has regular and structural way of sleeping. -< strong>Umakrishnan, Founder, Abhyan Centre.

Experts also point to the need to ensure that the maxim early to bed and early to rise is followed. Moona Sumalatha, who is co-founder of the Chaarana Centre for Children with Special Needs in Bengaluru says regular sleep patterns have a calming effect when combined with physical activities.

"If the youngster is sleep deprived, they tend to become aggressive, impatient, hyperactive and inattentive. They will be unable to follow instructions. It is essential to rest well. By engaging in physical activities, they calm down, therefore enabling them to organise themselves and do work structurally", she adds.

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