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No lace sports shoes for kids – Affordable, convenient and takes away the pain!

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Kids outgrow their shoes so fast so let's look at affordable shoes between ₹350 to ₹1000.

All parents want their kids to learn to do things independently. It starts off with the small things - brushing their teeth, eating meals or even learning to wear their shoes.

Putting on shoes can be a struggle for some kids with disabilities, especially shoes with laces. For others, the laces may untie and cause injury.

This makes no-lace shoes a great option for playing in the park or sporting activities. There are many options available at different price ranges and cute looking ones too.

Kittens Shoes Solid Casual Shoes

The Kittens Shoes Solid Casual Shoes come in a light pink shade with a pattern on top. There is a white sole. The outer material is mesh and the inner material is of synthetic leather.


A bright baby pink slip-on shoe for girls who love pink. The shoe has a white outsole and a breathable mesh pattern at the front and smaller mesh patterns on the sides.


Available at First Cry

Kittens - Black Synthetic Leather Regular Sneakers

For boys', Kittens has a Black Synthetic Leather Regular Sneakers with Velcro. The insole is padded. You want the lace, but not the challenge of tying them!


You want a shoe that goes with everything, then black is your colour. The decorative laces and a single Velcro strap at the front make it easier to wear. It is made up of Black Synthetic Leather and has a white outsole.


Available at Jabong

Beanz Boy's Moc Slip Canvas Sneakers

Beanz has a range of Boy's Moc Slip Canvas Sneakers in a rich shade of tomato red. It's a canvas show with a white sole and a thin red piping on it.


A red and white, lace-less canvas shoe with 4 eyelets on each side of the tongue. Psst, eyelets are holes provided for threading laces. But you don't need them, they are for decoration! The outsole is red around the toe and white all the way around to the heel with a thin red line as a piping on it. A rectangular blue logo is placed on the heel of the outsole. This pair will go beautifully with the denims!

Available at Amazon

Lucy & Luke Kids Green Sports Non Lacing

For both boys and girls, consider Liberty's Lucy & Luke Kids Green Sports! Available in 2 smart options - grey and green combo and orange and green.


Looking for a slip-on that doesn't slip while you walk? Here is a navy-blue and green, lace-less shoe with a raised counter which gives support to the heel and the back of the foot while the arched box toe helps give a steady grip.

The outsole is navy blue in color while the midsole is white. It has a turquoise-blue inner-lining and a navy-blue strip at the front with a rectangular logo on top. It shows an attractive threaded-in weave pattern with a combination of green and navy-blue colours. If you are looking for a comfortable walking experience, for your child so this is the shoe for you to pick.


Available at Liberty Shoes

Kittens - Boys Navy Blue Slip-On Sneakers

The Kittens Boys Slip On Sneakers is rather smart and bold - a navy blue and white striped combo with a triangle-shaped logo in red on top. The upper part is in mesh and there's a patterned white outsole.


Fond of stripes? Here's a navy-blue slip-on Sneaker with a breathable mesh front. A triangle-shaped logo is at the top with text in orange color. It also has an arched box toe which gives a good grip to the sneaker. The patterned white outsole and white stripes to the side add a good contrast to the navy-blue coloured shoe. So, slip them on and hit the road.


Available at Myntra

Boys & Girls Slip on Sneakers (Yellow)

United Colours of Benetton's Kids Pink Slip Ons comes with a rubber sole. What's lovely, is that it comes in four shades - pink, orange, pale blue and a bright yellow!


Here's a yellow, lace-less slip-on for boys which will add a pop of colour to their outfits. The white rubber outsole helps in giving a comfortable grip and the contrast of white and yellow gives it a good appearance. The pair is ideal for a summer look and can be worn with or without socks.


Available at Flipkart

So, don't wait, go out and buy some shoes to make your little one do things independently! It starts with the small things remember!

Also Read: Check out some socks to go with those shoes. What makes them so good? They are seamless and wrinkle-free!

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