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No more trees will be cut in Aarey, says Supreme Court

October 8, 2019

In a reason to cheer, the Supreme Court of India on Monday passed an order that no more trees must be cut at Aarey in Mumbai. The court, under Justice Ranjan Gogoi, added that those trees that had to be removed has been cut, and no further cutting of trees must happen at Aarey. The Supreme Court took up the case after a group of law students wrote to Chief Justice asking for speedy action in protecting Aarey.

Supreme Court said Don't cut any more trees now in #AareyForest case. Maharashtra Govt offers to undertake no more cutting of trees until SC hears the matter in detail. Though Now no need to cut more trees. So finally Moral Victory to Aarey Activists!-Lawyer and Public Speaker.

Over the past two years, Mumbai civic body has been trying to remove all the trees to build a metro car shed. On Friday, the Bombay High Court declared that Aarey was not a forest and dismissed all the petitions submitted by environmentalists to protect the forest. A few hours later, authorities brought in bulldozer and JCB's and cut down thousands of trees in the middle of night. Over 29 activists who tried to protest were arrested by Mumbai police and put behind bars. They were later released under bail.

Over the past couple of days, there was widespread anger and protests across India over cutting down of trees at Aarey which is known as the green lung of Mumbai city. It has over five lakh trees and is home to a lot of flora and fauna. "Big day today. The fact the Supreme Court called Aarey a forest is a start. I hope they do not let us down. #AareyForest", tweeted Rakshita.

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