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Parenting corner-Hobbies and autism

In parenting corner this week we will talk about some activities and hobby ideas that can be included in the day to day life of children with autism.

Every child with autism is unique and has different abilities, preferences and talents which can be explored and enhanced with the motivation of family, friends and teachers.

Here are some hobby ideas that children or even adults with autism can try for a good and productive time.

• Music

• Swimming

• Dancing

• Painting

• Crafts

• Drawing

• Collecting things such as stamps, coins, models etc.

• Writing, poetry

• Coding

• Cooking, baking

• Puzzles, LEGO toys, board games, card games

• Cycling

• Sports

• Chess

• Reading

• Video games

• Acting, drama

My son loves to dance and it has helped him gain confidence. He dances alone and also with his friends. For me the most important things is that dancing makes him happy. He enjoys doing various choreographies on different types of songs and loves to act as well. - Fatima Sheikh, parent


It has been found that hobbies and other fun activities are very beneficial for children on the spectrum.

"My son is 16 years old and is verbal. Richard's hobby is to write and he also loves copying scripts of about 13 language. He likes to write from the Bible only and it makes him happy and calm," says Catherine Sunitha, parent

Some of the benefits of involving children in hobbies are:

• The activities that children like to do can become their way to communicate or express thoughts while at the same time they get to understand their surroundings better.

• For children with autism, hobbies may also become a way to relax and de-stress or cope with sensory issues.

• Children also get a chance to socialize and be a part of a team.

• Children gain confidence when they do something constructive.

• They also gain a feeling of independence and self-reliance.

• Hobbies, extracurricular activities are good for physical and mental growth of children.

• Children and parents learn more about their abilities, talents and potential.

Parents should definitely encourage children to pursue hobbies and motivate them to learn new skills.


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