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A sports venture from Kerala starts two new initiatives to support people with disabilities

Physically Challenged All Sports Association Kerala, a venture with over hundreds of members, recently started two initiatives to provide jobs for people with disabilities and also support para sportspeople. Travelite Horizon Tours & Travel and Love & Life Marriage point that started a month back has been receiving great response from across Kerala.

When the team of Physically Challenged All Sports Association Kerala (PCASAK) started off their venture in the year 2012, they wanted to empower para sportsmen across the state. Based in , the team comprises of over hundred members from different parts of Kerala. They recently started two ventures to support people with disabilities- and Love & Life Marriage Point. Both have been started with the aim of providing jobs to people with disabilities and supporting para sportspeople.

Travelite Horizon Tours & Travels have hired three tele callers, and it works more like a call centre service where people can render services. Through their Love & Life Marriage Point, alliances are fixed for people from all walks of life and this venture has been getting a tremendous response ever since their launch a few weeks back with over 250 people registering already. Registration is free and a fee is charged only if the marriages happen. The services are free for girls from economically backward families and people with disabilities. Applications are invited through WhatsApp messages as well.

Kishore AM, President, PCASAK says that the venture was started because the government or other organisations in Kerala do not support para sportspeople.

Our main aim is to promote Paralympic sports. The state government or sports council has not recognised para sports due to which our talented sportspeople struggle to make ends meet. They are unable to attend games. If they do, they have to spend from their own pockets and that is not a viable option for everyone, especially for those who come from economically backward families. There are at least 10 lakh players with disabilities, but due to financial constraints they are unable to come out-Kishore AM, President, PCASAK.

"The main aim of starting our recent two ventures is to generate money to support these para sportsmen. We took the decision after much thought and wants to help para sportspeople in Kerala. Since we have disabled people working for us, they earn an income and can live independently too", says Kishore.

Travelite Horizon Tours & Travels ensures that people with disabilities get accessible travel facilities across India. They can even avail accommodation starting from Rs 250 which is basically budget friendly travel. They plan to expand their venture and make it bigger so that they can reach out to more people with disabilities across Kerala.

Fathima Beevi, who has dwarfism, hails from Trivandrum. She works as a tele-caller. "Now, I'am able to earn my own income and live independently. I sent them a WhatsApp message after knowing about the opening and I was hired pretty soon. What makes it even more comfortable is that I can sit at home and work. It is very comfortable", says Fathima.

You can contact them for more details at +91 98099-21065.

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