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Pondicherry to host a photography event for people with disabilities

While people and surroundings may change, a photograph remains the same. To encourage people with disabilities to capture their vision through photographs is the aim behind Spixels' 2019.

'Spixels 2019 - Exhibition of Photographs by People with Disabilities' is an initiative of Pondicherry based Ammeg Brand Management Solutions-ABMS.

ABMS has successfully organized events and festivals and aims to bring about social change through them. The theme for the images to be captured this year is "Inclusive Society, Inclusive Workspace."

Through Spixels, the organizers wish to highlight the need for an inclusive society that has no barriers and where every human is accepted as an equal without discrimination and bias.

Meghna Agnihotri, Creative Head & Chief Curator at Ammeg Brand Management Solutions feels that there is a need for inclusion at all levels of our societal setup.

The reason why we are doing this is to give a little hope to the parents of specially-abled children. While the children are sent for their special training and therapies, parents tend to remain in denial about the limitations of their children. It is important to accept the children the way they are. We want to give an opportunity to the disabled children to mingle with the society and be a part of it on their own terms. Meghna Agnihotri, Creative Head & Chief Curator ABMS

What better way can be there to let the society look at itself through pictures and to self-analyze the judgmental attitude many of us have?

Spixels is also a great opportunity for people with disabilities who wish to let the world know about their feelings about the barriers our society has. Telling a story through pictures is the idea behind this initiative.

Photography enthusiasts with disabilities, both children and adults can click pictures of the world around them as they perceive it and send them as entries to the ABMS team. The entries need to be mailed at spixelsatpondy@gmail.com , for more information you can call on +91 7094789730.

The images will be showcased in a grand exhibition that will be held in December 2019 in Pondicherry.

"We want to give exposure to children and adults with disabilities and ensure that they are accepted for their own potentials and abilities. We want to stimulate the thought process of people so that they realize that there is so little consideration about accessibility and about people with disabilities. Our buildings, roads and most public places are inaccessible and we wish to create awareness about it," says Shivangi N Ganorker, Operations Head Spixels 2019.

So wait no more, take out your cameras and phone, get clicking and let the pictures speak for themselves.

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