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Pulkit Sharma's whacky memes & funny videos are sure to give a few laughs

Pulkit Sharma, a wheelchair user based in Delhi, is well-known for his accessibility reviews of restaurants. Now Pulkit is trying something new. He has created funny memes and videos that he has started sharing on social media under the title 'The Boy on Bat Mobile'. The videos are becoming a hit and Pulkit is looking at scaling this.

Social media has great power. It can make you laugh, rouse anger, enable change and of course trigger much humour. Pulkit Sharma, who is based in Delhi and is known for his sharp reviews of accessibility features in restaurants, is exploring the power of social media with funny memes and videos. Going by the fan following, they seem to be grabbing much attention.

Pulkit says this was born from a random thought on a rather boring day and the response is quite unexpected. He is glad he went with his instinct to explore the thought.

I was just sitting bored at home one day when I decided to do something different, something that I have not tried. I knew that I wanted to make my friends and family laugh. They must also be able to connect to it. That is how I made my first meme. I got a lot of appreciation for it and decided to venture into videos. It has only been a couple of months since I started doing it. But I have been getting good responses and I am glad. - Pulkit Sharma, Accessibility critic

Pulkit does everything single-handedly - from creating the content to editing the videos and uploading them . He has some apps on his mobile to make the process an easy one. His memes are posted mostly on Twitter because in his words, the responses are "best and honest". He is happy with the followers he has, many of whom re-tweet his memes. When Instagram influencer Kusha Kapila liked and commented on one of Pukit's memes, he was thrilled!

Between accessibility reviews and making memes, Pulkit has his hands full. He wants to check out content-creation next. "I want to explore the many opportunities that are around me. Since I have been getting good responses for my works, it has boosted my confidence. When my friends say that my memes and videos made them laugh, my day is made".

Pulkit has 15 memes to his credit and six videos. Check out his Instagram page The Boy on Bat Mobile to see what a sensation he is becoming.

Among his followers is Ashima Narula, who says Pulkit's memes often lighten up her days. "Pulkit does a great job and the effort that goes into each meme or video is evident. Looking at his works makes me laugh, even if I am having a bad day."

Another follower Ekant Sharma. finds the content easy to connect with. "I like his videos mainly because the content is very relatable. I feel the videos could be shorter but his work is quite inspiring".

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