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#SiblingPower- Things that make Rashmi & Jatin's camaraderie truly special

This month, our campaign #SiblingPower celebrates siblings who have supported and stayed together. We start off with 22-year-old Rashmi Suresh Patil who is hearing impaired and her 20-year-old brother Jatin who has autism. The siblings that lives in Mumbai with their parents shows how staying together as a family can do wonders. Both of them are pursuing their higher studies. In spite of busy schedules, they make sure to spend time together. Their camaraderie is truly inspiring.

When there are two kids with disabilities in a family, it can be challenging for parents. But Archana Patil from Mumbai ensured that both her kids gets nothing lesser than the best. 22 year old Rashmi Suresh Patil who is hearing impaired and 20 year old Jatin Suresh Patil who has autism are more than siblings. They are best friends who have stayed together through all odds. Their camaraderie only gets better as each day passes.

Archana remembers the day when Rashmi met the new born Jatin for the first time. "She came to the hospital with my sister soon after Jatin was born. She was hardly two years old. I remember how her eyes brightened upon seeing her younger brother and she had happy tears. It was truly an unforgettable moment for me", says Archana.

An arts enthusiast, Rashmi is currently doing her distance education in Diploma for Nritya Yogasutra. Meanwhile Jatin is pursuing his post-graduation in Mathematics. Owing to their busy schedules, Rashmi and Jatin hardly gets to meet every day. But that has only made their relationship more stronger. Though hearing impaired, Rashmi is able to talk and can lip-read as well. The siblings have many touching tales to share.

Two years back, we were attending a party organised by the 'Forum for Autism'. We were playing musical chair. Since I cannot hear, Jatin ensured that I find a seat first before he is seated. Every day, we share stories of movies that we have watched. He loves hot wheel cars and when I spot something online, I send it to him. Since he loves electronic dance music, we share online links. Every year for 'Rakshabandhan', Jatin selects a 'rakhi' design and I make that for him. On one 'Rakshabandhan' occasion, Jatin was busy with college and couldn't even come on video call. That hurt me a lot-Rashmi Patil.

Archana says that the bond between her children has made her proud and happy. "Earlier I used to think how my children are going to survive after I'am gone. But now I sit back relaxed and happy because I know they have each other's backs", says Archana.

Being an art lover, Rashmi introduced Jatin to the world of drawings which helped him draw diagrams while studying Science. "Rashmi and Jatin never had much contact with their cousins. They were always there for each other since childhood", says Archana.

Rashmi and Jatin attended the same school. Once, while cycling, Jatin happened to have an accident due to which he started bleeding profusely. Rashmi was watching all of it from inside her class and couldn't get out since the teacher was there. She started bursting into tears seeing her brother's plight after which the teachers and students noticed. Jatin soon got help. Archana says, "Such incidents have brought tears to my eyes. I love watching them and how they bond through thick and thin".

Rashmi and Jatin loves watching movies together, shopping and having fun just like any other youngsters of their age. "Jatin was scared of pets but Rashmi loves them. We recently got our dog Pillu and we also have a parrot. Rashmi ensured that Jatin is not scared of animals anymore", adds Archana.

The siblings have beaten all odds and obstacles to stay together as best friends.

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