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Popular deaf filmmaker duo, RH Films, set to host a Mumbai screening

Deaf filmmakers, RH Films are back with some new movies to enthral audiences. What do they have in their kitty? Read more.

RH Films is acquiring quite a name for itself in film circles for their creative work. Dedicated to making movies for deaf audiences, they have been busy screening their films in many cities. Flush from winning from winning many awards at the India international Deaf Film Festival earlier this year, they now have plans for Mumbai.

The team behind RH Films is Rajesh Kulkarni and Hemang Somaiya. Rajesh directs the films while Hemang provides technical support and is the VFX editor.

They plunged into making deaf films because being deaf themselves they want to bring the magic of cinema to their community. Most mainstream films are not inclusive - they either don't have captions or are in English, making it an incomplete experience for deaf watchers. Rajesh and Hemang are changing this through RH FIlms.

Their films not only bring a sense of inclusion but have become a channel for the community to express their views. This time the Mumbai festival will screen movies featuring 25 deaf actors from across Maharashtra.

Our previous work was much loved by the audience and we feel it is our duty to keep making movies for the deaf community. Our movies have sounds too as we want the hearing people to enjoy them as well. - Rajesh Kulkarni, Co-founder RH Films

The festival in Mumbai on 11 August will host some new films as well like Jan man gan, Proud India, A Love Family, A to Z sign language, Sorry, My students, Shree Ganesh, Run and a comedy, Station The films touch upon topics like human relationships, patriotism, satire etc.

Atul Sakhare , a big fan is waiting for the event. "I have been waiting for months to see the movies as the last screening was amazing and I had a great fun. It was exciting to see movies specially made for deaf audience and this year too I can't wait to watch the new films."

The tickets are sold out and around a thousand people are expected to attend. Volunteers will also be present at the venue.

GET IN TOUCH:Contact RH films by sending Whatsapp to Rajesh Kulkarni at +91 97574 96326 and Hemang Somaiya at +91 8355844513

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