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#ChampionsWithCP- Salesh Deepak has beaten all odds to become a role model

In our #ChampionswithCP series, we feature Salesh Deepak, sub editor at Awesome Machi, a leading media company in Chennai. Salesh's journey towards being an empowered young man was not easy as he had to face many odds and obstacles in his path. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy soon after birth, Salesh shows us how determination and hard work can take one to bigger heights.

When most kids of his age played outdoors, Salesh Deepak chose to sit inside his home and spend time with books and movies. It was because he hated the idea of other kids looking at him differently. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy soon after birth, Salesh remembers that he spent a lonely childhood with very less friends. But his parents, who knew that their son was talented beyond his disability, looked into ways to empower him. Today, this youngster works with Awesome Machi, a leading media company in Chennai as their Sub Editor, a post that anyone would aspire for.

Soon after Salesh's birth, doctors gave up on him, not his parents. Salesh remembers how his mother used to introduce him to interesting storybooks while his father used to take him for at least two movies every weekend. They opened doors to outside world for Salesh so that he could discover things and find out his interests.

Me and my father used to go for movies every weekend. That was one of my main source of entertainments since I never went out to play with other kids. Even today, people do not know how to treat or approach a person with a disability. They are just ignorant. My parents always believed that I could achieve things. It was due to their will-power and determination that I'am able to live independently now. -Salesh Deepak, Sub Editor, Awesome Machi

Salesh's life story clearly shows how there is a lack of awareness amongst disabilities in society even today. While working for his previous company for over five years, they denied him a promotion due to his disability. "My juniors were getting promoted. When I asked them about it, they told me that they are unsure of whether I can do well professionally since I'am disabled. I quit the company soon and joined my current company which is very inclusive", he says.

Salesh, who hails from Chennai, completed his graduation and an MBA from a leading university in Coimbatore. His hobby of watching movies and reviewing them has fetched him quite a fan following on social media. Salesh ensures to not miss out on any movie that hits theaters on weekends to review them. "I love watching movies whether I'am happy or sad. They are more like my stress busters which I got used to since childhood", says Salesh who started off reviewing movies on his blog.

"I was stubborn and knew that Salesh can achieve big things someday. Even today, I feel that he has a lot of potential", says Salesh's mother Fabiyola.

Jaya Priyadarshini, a senior colleague, says Salesh's positive vibes make him a delight to engage with. "We can discuss about anything under the sun with him. Since he is well read, he talks about any topic that we give him".

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