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Seamless socks for kids - No wrinkling, no bunching, no tantrums!

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Kids have a love hate relationship with socks. Some love them for the bright, cartoon patterns, many can't wait to kick them off and run around barefoot.

Finding a comfortable pair that fits well and looks good can be a challenge. No one likes to wear socks that bunch up or wrinkle or rub against your toes. That's even so for kids with autism who are extremely sensitive to labels, stitches or seams.

Studio portrait of Pranav Bakshi

Anupama Bakshi vividly recalls her battles with son Pranav, who is now 19 and is India's first model with autism. "We struggled with them when he was small, especially with the seams of the socks. We literally played a game... while I made him wear one he took off the other!"

Looking for a pair that Pranav found comfortable was not easy. "I was not the Google person that I am now and the search was intensive, sometimes exasperating", she says. Do you get into a battle with your child over socks too? Well, battle no more because here's a range of affordable and smart seamless socks all under ₹ 1,000.

Set of 5 bright red, regular length socks

Supersox Kid's Combed Cotton School Socks

Soft and comfortable, the Supersox Kid's Combed Cotton School Socks comes in stretch cotton fabric, which is great for long time wear. They promise durability, absorb moisture and sweat and are washable daily.


The socks are available in red, white, grey and black colours and are of regular length. The extra stretch soft top provides a comfort fit and makes kids feel cared for. Perfect for sensitive feet or for anyone who can't bear socks with seams. Can be paired with casual as well as formal shoes.

₹375* (set of 5)

Available at Supersox

Pack of 5 unisex crew socks with horizontal stripes around the ankle

Sunward Baby Boys' Toddler Big Little Cotton Crew Seamless Socks

Perfect for daily use and easy to take off or pull on, the colours of the Sunward range makes them great for boys and girls. The vibrant colours and high-quality cotton fabric make them a perfect team with casual shoes.


The socks are in 5 different colours with stripes around the ankle. The stripes are in a different colour than the base. Black socks come with red and white stripes, the white with navy blue and red stripes, and the yellow with navy blue and light blue stripes. There's also a rich navy blue with yellow and white stripes and a tomato red with black and white stripes. Didn't we say vibrant?

Available at Amazon

Pack of 5 mid-cut socks in different greyscale colors.

Next Mid Cut Sports Socks

If your kid likes to play it sober, go for Next Mid Cut Sports Socks which come in five pairs of assorted colours, each with a flat toe seam.


These socks in neutral solid colours provide utmost comfort. They are ankle-length and come in white, black, charcoal-grey, grey, and grey-melange. The company name 'Next' is printed on the socks.

₹845* (set of 5)

Available at Myntra

Pack of 4 mid-crew socks for boys with a combination of different colors and patterns

Supersox Boys Self Design Mid-Calf/Crew

4 colourful pairs of Kids Combed Cotton Socks that go great with casual as well as formal shoes. Again, don't let the Boys tag fool you. These would look great on girls too and are crafted with the best quality stretch cotton.


These are in a pack of 4 in blue, black, purple and pink colours mixed with other shades. The blue pair is a combination of sky and dark blue with a white stripe around the ankle, with a logo in black and white and the words 'Watch it' printed in black cursive. The black pair has thin multicoloured stripes on the base with a red colour band on the toes and small prints around the top. The others come in lighter shades so you have options. One is a combination of maroon, pink, purple and white stripes with a white band around the toes and the other a vivid pink with a maroon band around the heels and the ankle and a black trim.

₹323* (set of 4)

Available at Flipkart

Pack of 3 mid-cut unisex socks with Adidas graphics printed on it.

Kids Unisex Adidas Training Graphic Socks

These are a set of 3 socks in a pack and come in really cool designs. Because they are meant for sports, the fabric is soft and long lasting. They look so great your kid will want them on all the time!


There's a set of 3 per pack. One is a light grey with the letters A,D,I,D,A,S printed in black, pink, light blue and white all over. There's another pair in white with a pink trim and a pink band around the toes and black on the ankle. It has the words Adidas printed in pink at the back. There's also a smart pair in black with a pink band on the ankles and the word Adidas in white printed at the back.

₹899* (set of 3)

Available at Adidas

So make your pick from these super comfy and high quality socks that are sure to make your kids happy!

* Prices may vary.

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