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Skills training programme for people with autism in Ernakulam

The Autism Club in Ernakulam, a well-known parent support group has started a skilling programme for young adults on the autism spectrum. Read more to find out.

Learning skills is important for people with autism as it not only helps them cope with the challenges of daily life, but also with other essential aspects like socialisation. With this thought in mind the Autism Club in Ernakulam is coming up with a special training class where people with autism will be taught skills like making seed paper pens and paper bags.

The training sessions called Do Able are for individuals with autism above the age of 18 years. As this is a pilot programme, two skills will be given focus to begin with.

Deepthi Mathews, active member of the club, believes that such guidance will help people with autism go a long way.

We are starting the skill trainings to enable people with autism to gain independence in life. The products the participants will make will be sold and provide financial independence to the makers. I have observed that activities like paper rolling, paper craft is enjoyed by the children and adults with autism. - Deepthi Mathews, Autism Club - Ernakulam chapter

Both the skills of making seed paper pens and paper bags have been chosen after thorough consideration. Seed paper pens are made by rolling paper into pens and contain seeds of vegetables. These pens use very little plastic and are extremely environment-friendly. Once the pen has been used up it can be buried into the soil and can either be used for a home garden or as a garden decor. The sprouts from these amazing pens usually come within seven to 10 days. They are a great way of promoting environmental awareness and are a fun project for kids who can learn more about nature and gardening with these pens.

Paper bags are the need of the hour when our surroundings are getting polluted due to over use of plastic bags. Paper bags are recyclable and can be used to replace the much harmful paper bags.

Paper-related activities are safer and enjoyable for people with autism and can help them become skilled and independent. Improving motor skills, helping them learn new things, enabling them to be a part of a team and socialise are just the added benefits of such sessions.

Usha Premraj , a parent, is waiting to see how her son responds to the training. "My son had tried it once and enjoyed the crafts with paper. This time I will send him for training so that he can learn to make the products. This might help him in his future life as I worry about him being a part of the mainstream".

The club will start the free training soon and they have already received some orders for the products.

For more information WhatsApp +91- 94470-28367 or EMAIL autismclubekm@gmail.com

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