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‘Smule’ sensation Shaji hopes to fulfil dreams of becoming a voice dubbing artist

24-year-old Shaji from Kozhikode in Kerala is an aspiring voice dubbing artist. He was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of 16. Shaji has over 3,000 followers on 'Smule' app, and most of his videos are done in Tamil and Malayalam. This youngster hopes to make it big in the industry and become a renowned voice dubbing artist.

"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly". These words by American poet Langston Hughes is truly inspiring and motivating. For 24-year-old Shaji who hails from Kozhikode in Kerala, clinging on to his dream of becoming a voice dubbing artist is what gives him hope in life. Diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, this youngster has faced numerous setbacks in life. But he is determined to march ahead with confidence.

Though muscular dystrophy can affect movement of a person, Shaji is able to walk. He was living life to the fullest when he was diagnosed with a disability at the age of sixteen. Just like any youngster who met with an unexpected turn in life, Shaji was shocked when he was realised he was affected by a disability. He completed his class 11 from a nearby school, but couldn't pursue his studies after that. Since last few months, he has been active in social media platforms like Smule where his videos are being cheered and supported.

I always aspired to be a voice dubbing artist and wanted to render my voice to movies and other such mediums. When I do videos in Smule, I get a lot of appreciation and that is what gave me confidence. People tell me to keep up the good work and that makes me very happy. A few months before being diagnosed with a disability, I knew that my body is gearing up for a change. I could feel it. But a disability will not stop me from dreaming. - Shaji, Aspiring dubbing artiste

This youngster has over 3,000 followers pan India on 'Smule' app and he hopes to use social media to attain his dreams. "I have personally experienced the power of social media and it can do wonders. I have not yet approached any professionals yet due to many physical constraints. But I hope I can realise my dream someday", says Shaji.

Most of his videos are done in Malayalam and Tamil languages. "When I do emotional scenes are when I get maximum viewership and also a lot of heart touching comments", says Shaji.

Krishnakumar PS is a member of Kerala-based NGO MIND that works towards empowering people with muscular dystrophy. "I have been closely watching Shaji's videos and they are mind-blowing. He is a youngster who has a lot of talent, but his skills go unexplored due to lack of opportunities", says Krishna.

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