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Some exam preparation tips for students with autism

Exam season is round the corner. For children with autism, preparing for exams can be a difficult task. But by following certain tips, they can do really well. Parents and teachers must also work together to ensure that the child is ready to face the exams without any hassles.

Festive season is round the corner, so are exams. With year-end approaching, teachers and parents are preparing children to gear up for the annual exams. If you have a child with a disability, exam preparations can be different depending on the needs and requirements of the child.

Most of the syllabuses have provisions for children with disabilities. Teachers and parents must work together to know what is best for the child. Most importantly, it is the child who has to face the tests. For a child with autism, preparing for exams can be made easier by following certain methods. But guide them in such a way that they can do it independently without any hassles.

Prema Raviprasad has a 34 year old son Arun who was diagnosed under the autism spectrum disorder. Prema has a few tips for parents who have young kids with autism.

Parents must understand that each child has their own unique super power. My son was good at by-hearting things and that is what I used to focus on. He used to write exactly the same things which he learnt. I used to keep repeating the same things over and over so that it does not go away from his mind. Highlight on what is important so that they do not have to study unnecessary things. Be supportive and patient-Prema Raviprasad.

Here are some exam tips for students with autism.

  • Preparing a time-table works- According to experts, creating a time-table can do wonders to children with autism who are preparing for their exams. It also helps to beat stress levels. The child must follow their regular routine for play-time, food, other activities and studies.
  • Eat healthy, sleep well- Only a healthy body can function without any disturbances. Make sure that the child sleeps on time and eats only healthy food. Some children tend to eat a lot when they are stressed. But ensure that they stay completely away from energy drinks and junk food. The child must have good sleep for at least seven to eight hours a day.
  • Repetition works- For children with autism, repeating things works like magic. Parents must consult teachers to know what type of questions will appear for the exams so that the child can be prepared for it. But remember, teaching those answers by-heart alone will not do. They need to be prepared to face new questions as well.
  • Aim high but be realistic- Every child wants to score well for exams. Good marks makes parents happy too. But pressuring the child to score more than their peers would only stress them out. In turn, they cannot do well in exams. Understand your child's limitations and let them prepare or study according to what they can do.

"For a child with autism, preparing for their exams is extremely important. Parents and teachers can keep repeating topics that are likely to come for exams. They can even have a practice session at home or school. Most importantly, eat, sleep and keep well", says Himabindu Gattu, Founder, Abhilasha Research Centre for Special Needs.

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