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Some fitness motivation tips for people with disabilities

Most of the times, people find it hard to stay fit due to unhealthy lifestyle and diet choices. That is precisely the reason why exercising and working out are important. Physical exercise must be an inevitable part in everyone's life, just like having a regular meal or sleeping well. When you are a person who has a physical disability, physical exercises can be challenging. But that must not be the reason to not work out. If you are a person with a disability, find out the kind of exercises that suit your body and make it a regular routine that must be followed every day.

Today, there are many professional and personal trainers who reach out to people with disabilities to guide them in doing the best exercises that suit their body. When you know your body and its needs, you get closer to being fit and healthy.

Sakshi Chauhan, who is an amputee, is a para basketball player and fitness enthusiast. Chauhan says that she never misses her regular gym and games sessions everyday so that she stays healthy.

I try not to miss my gym and regular exercises every day. A disability has never stopped me from playing sports as well. I believe that when you are amputee there are many choices ahead of you. But you need to grab the opportunity and work on it. Exercises that need to be followed by an amputee and a wheelchair user are different. It is best to consult experts before doing them.Sakshi Chauhan, Para Basketball Player.

Here are some fitness motivation tips for people with disabilities

  • Set your goals - This is one of the best ways to achieve your goals in a set target of time. Plan them in advance or even write down what you want to achieve and how you plan to do it. Give yourself a time frame so that you can work accordingly. But more than a healthy body, a positive mind is important so that you can move forward with your goals.
  • Follow a healthy diet- Living a healthy lifestyle is all about following a healthy diet and eating right. Ensure that you have enough nutrients in your regular food intake. Try and avoid junk foods and sweets as much as possible. Skipping your meals will help you reduce weight. But even experts have pointed out that is the worst way to lose weight. A balanced diet with right nutrients are essential.
  • Explore opportunities - The requirement of each disabled person is different. A physical exercise that suits one person might not be effective for another. It is best to avail training from a fitness expert. If you cannot afford that, try and explore various physical work outs that you can do from home. There are many options available online. Check them out to know what best suits your body. It is not a difficult task. It is simple and fun!
  • Never miss out exercises - Needless to say, physical work outs and exercises are inevitable for a healthy body and mind. When you are a wheelchair user or has mobility issues, accessibility can be a problem. But ensure that you work out daily or at least do physical exercises from home. Good news is that, there are many accessible gyms in cities across India that has personal trainers who can give expert opinion.

Pradeep Krishnan, a fitness trainer from Kochi, Kerala, says disabled people can do all the exercises that are done by people without disabilities. "Chest pressing or stretching your hand can be easily done from home. Simple weight punching with or without hand weights is an easy cardio exercise that can be done while seated. Seated dips, push ups, biceps, triceps and squats can be done by people with all kinds of disabilities".

If the gym is where you work out best, you can check out hydraulic machines. Just be persistent and don't give up. "If a person does not have movement of legs, they can always use their hands. Times have changed. Disabled people can work out with ease at gyms and training centres", says Krishnan.

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