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Tips to lead a healthy lifestyle when you are an amputee

Having a healthy body and mind is good for all. For amputees, this can be challenging but not impossible. Learn how.

A healthy diet plan and regular exercise is recommended for all. As an amputee, this may be challenging and exhausting but not impossible. Sakshi Chauhan, a para basketball player, lost one of legs in an accident at the age of twelve but she stays fit and healthy and her commitment is quite inspiring.

I exercise to stay healthy. I go to participate in sports and I am always self-sufficient. I enjoy going out with friends for movies and dance. I want to make the maximum out of life and I have never felt that I'am a disabled person. I do work and love the time I have for myself. I'am a very confident person. I feel the key to happiness is loving yourself-Sakshi Chauhan, Para basketball player.

Here are some healthy living tips for an amputee person.

  • Indulge in activities you love- Identify things that you love doing. This can be sports, arts, music or dance. Even going out with friends and family is something can enhance your mental health. If you are not a sports enthusiast but need to find ways to stay fit, it is best to hire an expert who can guide you. But make sure that you find time for your favourite activities at least two days every week.
  • Eat healthy- Just like working out every day, eating healthy is very important. This is not something that be achieved overnight and you need to work on this slow process. Begin with small changes and work towards a healthier diet choice.
  • Reward yourself - Maybe you worked out extra time or did something useful for your body and mind? Then try and reward yourself. Being an amputee and doing things like a person without a disability can throw many challenges. So do not forget to feel better and reward yourselves for what you do. Set your goals high and work towards it. Improving your physical and mental well-being need not be a difficult task. You just have to pay more attention to your body and work accordingly.
  • Find time for yourself- Everybody needs their own time. Doing things that you love and having your own space is extremely important for every human being. Every week, schedule some time where you can be on your own and do things that you love. You can even watch a movie or read a book during this time.

Shubhajit Bhattacharya, a biker from Bengaluru, is an amputee who has broken many records in biking.

"There is nothing impossible for an amputee. If you want to do something, you can do it. God will ensure that you do it the right way. If others can do things, then why can't we? So if you want to do something to stay fit and healthy, go for it. Nothing must stop you", says Subhajit.

A good way to begin may be to join a class or hire a trainer to get those motivation levels up.

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