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Some tips for adults with Down syndrome

The needs and requirements of every adult with Down syndrome are different. Parents and caregivers play a very important role in shaping up these adults to become independent and self-reliant. Here are a few tips for adults with Down syndrome to follow so that they can do extremely well in life.

The needs and requirements of children and adults with Down syndrome are different. In fact, each person and their likes vary a lot. Some adults can do extremely well in life. They would have their own jobs and have relationships like every other person. All that they need is ample support from their family and loved ones in order to flourish and do very well.

Today, there are many inclusive companies and spaces that reaches out to adults with Down syndrome. But most importantly, parents and caregivers must constantly keep a watch over them in order to help them lead become independent and self-reliant in life.

Parvathy Vishwanath, Founder of Aikya, a centre for people with Down syndrome says that it is important for any adults to pursue their passion.

Today, our world is more inclusive and ready to accept people with disabilities into mainstream society. Parents are also becoming more aware. But it is important to focus on education from a very young age. You can either work for companies, start something on your own or even become an actor or model. Basically, do not limit yourselves. Also, let no one tell you what you can or cannot do-Parvathy Vishwanath, Founder, Aikya.

Here are some steps to make life fruitful for adults with Down syndrome

  • Education and career matters-There are many special schools for children with Down syndrome that helps them learn new things. Parents must ensure that their child attends school so that they are ready and equipped to face the world. Once they become an adult, they can either start their own business or even work with a company. Today, many even corporate companies are coming forward to hire people with disabilities.
  • Do not get stressed- Change is the only constant thing. For a person with adult's syndrome, change happens often. When they are getting ready to face the world, they are often flooded with questions and this can be quite stressful. Caregivers must ensure that the adult takes all this lightly and they also have a positive outlook towards life.
  • Relationships happens at the right time- Every person wants to have a life partner with whom they can share everything. It is not any different for an adult with Down syndrome. It might not be very easy to identify your soul mate who understands you through thick and thin. But when the time is right, everything falls in place. So it is important to not feel upset about it. You can even go out on dates and get a chance to meet new people.
  • Take part in social activities- Today, there are many activities that a person with Down syndrome can take part in. Many clubs offer special services to people with disabilities. Ensure to take part in games, outdoor activities and other things that helps you have a better social life. It helps to boost you mentally and emotionally.

"Today we come across many success stories of people with Down syndrome. I feel parents deserve all the credit, not to mention the will-power of the child as well. It is important to follow your heart and become confident. Everything fall at the right place at the right time", says Shyamashree Bhonsle, Advisor, Jagruthi Palak Sanstha, a centre that works for youngsters with disabilities.

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