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Some tips to eat healthy in festivals

This time of the year is full of festivals and celebrations. Festivals are most enjoyable when they are celebrated according to traditions and that means rituals, attires and a lot of festive food. It is hard to refrain from binging on the many delicacies that make it to our homes during the festivals.

Losing control over our appetites during the festivals is not good for our health. Gaining excess wait due to eating sweets or fired and oily food in large quantities can cause health issues. Here are some ideas that can help you remain in control of what you eat and still enjoy the celebrations.

  1. Think before you eat.

Before you pick up something to eat, take a moment to reflect if you are hungry or just want to taste the flavor. This may stop you from eating too much without consideration.

2. Take out time to eat

Sit down when eating something, as it will help you feel more fulfilled instead of walking around and eating.

Simran Chawla, RJ, actor, model says that she is a foodie and loves to eat. "I am a complete food lover and find it hard to control what I eat. I am not very particular about my weight normally. But whenever I have some show, I just do some more exercises and eat healthy to lose weight," she says.

  1. Don't watch TV

Avoid watching TV while eating and focus on the food you are consuming. Being distracted by a TV show can make you eat more without realizing. Also don't play with your mobile phone as it is also a huge distraction.

  1. Use a small plate

Studies say that using a smaller plate tricks the mind into thinking we are eating more. A large plate causes us to take bigger portions and we end up eating more.

  1. Chew

Make sure that you are chewing on every morsel at least 30 times. The activity aids in good digestion also helps in feeling full.

  1. Be selective

Make conscious decision about what you want to eat and avoid everything that is available.

So basically what I feel personally, being on wheelchair with limited mobility, we need to be very careful with what we eat, because we need to avoid junk food / calories. Especially with occasions coming up now, it's difficult to resist because jaha bhi dekho, meethai he dikhti hai, we can eat, but limited, infact very limited, the key is - keep your will power strong! Karan S Shahh, Canine Trainer, Behaviourist

  1. Cook healthy

If you are cooking in festivals yourself, choose healthy ingredients such as jaggery, honey, dates, anjeer instead of sugar.

  1. Avoid readymade food

Avoid getting too much outside food that is full of coloring agents, artificial additives or flavors.

"Healthy eating is very important for people with disabilities as they are already facing several challenges. I will suggest that it is better to stay away from sweets and this goes from everyone, people with or without disabilities. However, disabled people who have medical issues should be more particular about what they eat. It is also better to buy good quality edibles from known shops and cook festive food at home as much as possible," says Danish Mahajan, Founder Radio Udaan

  1. Motivate others

Encourage family members or friends to also be aware about eating less and eating healthy and push each other to control overeating. Set good examples for each other.

Blogger Vinayana Khurana says, "I am a big fan of food, particularly street food. What I think works best is to eat at small intervals to keep your digestion strong and yet enjoy all the yummy things."

  1. Self-control

After all is said and done it all comes down to exercising control on your taste buds when it comes to food.

A little precaution can help you avoid serious health issues and ensure that you are able to enjoy the festivals to the most.

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