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Some tips to stay active if you have cerebral palsy

Most of the times, people with cerebral palsy who have limited mobility are hesitant to go outdoors and engage in activities. Experts point out why it is important to do things that you love to do. Here are some tips to stay active as someone with cerebral palsy.

Most of the times, people with disabilities, especially those who lack mobility prefer to confine themselves inside the four walls of their homes. This can affect their physical and mental well-being as well. People with cerebral palsy, who are wheelchair users, must find ways to engage themselves in some activity or the other so that they have a healthy body and mind.

Cerebral palsy affects the muscle movements and coordination of the person. At times, it also has an impact on vision, hearing and sensation. But unlike earlier times, there are many therapies to help people with cerebral palsy lead a better life. Apart from getting these therapies done at the right time, it is also important to engage in activities. From becoming part of community programmes to working out every day, there is so much to do. Both children and adults with cerebral palsy must make sure that they make the maximum out of every day.

Vinayana Khurana, a writer and poet who has cerebral palsy is a wheelchair user. She finds umpteen ways to stay active to have a healthy body and mind.

I love taking a stroll in the nearby park, which I do almost every day. Reading books are a great stress-buster. I also ensure to strictly watch my diet which is essential. Like for instance, I do not eat fatty foods. I avoid them as much as possible. Talking to people around me helps me stay positive and have a healthy mind-Vinayana Khurana, Wheelchair User

Here are some tips to stay active as someone with cerebral palsy

  • Yoga- One of the most effective ways to stay fit, Yoga must be made an inevitable part of your life. There are many trained professional yoga teachers who can help people with cerebral palsy do yoga according to body requirements. For a person with cerebral palsy who struggles with muscle tone, yoga is the ideal way to strengthen muscles. Yoga also helps to stretch the body and improves flexibility. Making yoga a part of daily life will ensure healthy mind and body.
  • Wheelchair sports- Most of the times, people with cerebral palsy are hesitant to engage in sports and activities. Since they face numerous struggles in body movements, they often think that they will be unable to play sports. But participating in athletics and sports can do wonders to your body movements. There are many wheelchair sports that can be done with regular practice and determination. From basketball, table tennis and cricket, make sure that you engage in some sport activities.
  • Dancing- Shaking a leg and dancing to your favourite tunes does not need any professional training. Over the years, experts have proved how dance and music therapies can be helpful in alleviating pain and many disorders. You can also become part of dance classes if you want to take your love for dance to the next level.
  • Follow your passion- Working out, hitting the gym, walking and engaging in other physical activities can be a great stress buster. But also try and do what you love doing the most, and this can be reading a book or taking a stroll at the park. Enjoying company of friends and family can help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Make sure that you find time to do all the things that you love.

Salesh Deepak, a person with cerebral palsy, works with a leading private firm in Chennai. An ardent movie lover and critic, cinema is undoubtedly a stress-buster for this youngster.

"I used to do physical exercises and work-outs. But not anymore. But I love spending time with friends. Reading, writing and travelling are other ways which helps me stay active and happy", says Deepak.

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