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Hiki app promises to help youngsters with autism connect to find love & friends

Jamil Karriem in the United States has recently developed a new mobile app named Hiki which is exclusively for youngsters from the autism community.The app is getting a lot of attention from the autism community across the world.

In this busy world, finding a partner is not easy. Thanks to mobile apps, some help is at hand. There are many online platforms that people are using to make friends and even find love.

Many of these apps, however, are not inclusive, something that 28-year-old Jamil Karriem in the United States decided to do something about. He has launched Hiki, an app that offers a platform for individuals with autism to come together and share their thoughts and ideas. Maybe, even go for a date!

It all started when Jamil's cousin Tyler shared his worry that he would never find a partner for life. Jamil's decided to do his bit for Tyler and together, they designed Hiki. , which is now garnering attention from disabled community across the globe.

Those who know me well, know that there is nothing more important to me than my friends and my family. These relationships that I have been so incredibly fortunate to build are truly the essence of my joy. Friends, family and community have the capacity to be the bedrock of a fulfilling life, and everyone deserves that. That is why I've spent the past year building Hiki, a dating and friendship app for the Autistic community. Hiki is a mobile app that allows adults with Autism to find friendship, love and community. It's a space where Autism is respected and celebrated, where connections can be made and where people can be themselves. We are going to change the world. -Jamil Karriem, Founder, Hiki App

Jamil has left no stone unturned to ensure that the app is inclusive in every way. One of the app designers is on the autism spectrum. Jamil consulted with parents, special educators and other youngsters to make Hiki a successful app. He has minimised the use of bright colours and flashing lights and made it sensory-friendly.

In Hawaiian, Hiki means able and that is just what this platform offers. He hopes that youth with autism will be find love, share their experiences and happiness.

Though Jamil has not announced a formal launch in India, the community here is hopeful. Prema Raviprasad, who has an adult son with autism says that Hiki could be revolutionary.

"I have been looking for something like this since the past few years", says Prema. "If introduced in India, I would definitely want to try this out for my son. Until now, I have never come across an inclusive mobile app like this that can be used by adults with autism as well", she says.

Madhura Tendulkar, who also has a son on the spectrum says the app is a great idea but parental supervision is essential. "It is indeed a great platform for people with autism given that the ratio of people with autism is rising across the world. But at the same time, I feel worried. Parents or guardians have to monitor their children instead of taking risks", she says.

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