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Twitter outrage builds over Indians caught stealing from Bali hotel

July 30, 2019

Social media outrage continues to build over the video of an Indian family being shamed by hotel staff in Bali, Indonesia. The video is still going viral and many Indians are calling this an embarrassing moment for the country.

You can watch the clip captured by a passerby which has been shared by many, sparking off outrage. It shows the family being caught for stealing accessories from the hotel. In the video, hotel staff can be seen going through the family's luggage and discovering a stolen item in almost every baggage. This includes things like a mirror, a hanger, artifacts, a soap dispenser, and hairdryer.

In the conversation heard in the video, it is clear that the Indian family has not impressed the hotel staff with their behaviour at all. Once the family got caught, their behaviour changed. At one point, a woman is heard pleading with the hotel management to not call the police. She says she will pay for the items they stole.

Many people have criticised the family for shaming India abroad. Actress Mini Mathur was among those who reacted:

The worst example of entitled indian travellers who are a disgrace to the image of our country. Casually stealing hand washes, room artefacts, hair dryers from a hotel room in Bali. And the uncle pawing the hotel person at the end is just - Mini Mathur, TV actress

Many others responded to her tweet echoing similar views. "This is exactly the reason why Indian Railways had the foresight to attach a toilet mug to a chain", was one comment.

Another comment said the family should be shamed and punished. "There should be a mark made by foreign officials in such passport & once they enter India, cancel the passport in the immigration & never give them one for next 25yrs".

This comes just a few days back after businessman Harsh Goenka took to Twitter to share a notice he came across a hotel in Switzerland which specifically asked Indian travellers to obey the rules.

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