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Book called Vinayana's World offers a glimpse into life and disability

Blogger Vinayana Khurana has a perpetual smile on her face while ideas race through her mind. Her passion for writing has resulted in many thoughtful poems, and now a book.

Vinayana's World is the name of a book by Vinayana Khurana, a budding blogger and activist. Vinayana, a postgraduate in English Literature from Delhi University, has written a collection of short stories that portray various emotions and situations about life and disability.

A wheelchair user, Vinayana has cerebral palsy and speaks up often about the challenges disabled people face due to physical, mental and social barriers.

This book contains a wide range of emotions and feelings. Most people think that I write a lot on the theme of disability and that perhaps I am not passionate about any other topic. Actually it gives me great pleasure to write about these themes. My stories are short but convey valuable meaning. I am sure that you will have new thoughts and feelings while reading these stories. - Vinayana Khurana

Vinayana's World is out as an e-book and wants readers to read one story a day. "I would like the reader's mind take some time to absorb them. I wish you get to know about some of your own feelings through this journey of reading".

Vinayana's stories are a window into her mind and depict the way she perceives the world. She believes that through the power of words, the world can come closer and people can understand and relate to others by sharing thoughts. The stories are presented in a very simple manner and the characters are very relatable.

The stories reflect upon themes like independence in people with disabilities, relationships, and offer encouragement to look beyond disability and the need to build empathy. The book, out in e-form, has been well received.

Her grandmother, Usha Sharma, who has always encouraged her to write says the book is honest and reflects real life experiences. "I loved reading them. I am very happy to see the work and effort Vinayana has put into her writing," she says.

'Vinayana's World' is available on Amazon.

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