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We Care We Bridge website offers valuable resources & tools to monitor developmental delays in kids

Bengaluru-based mom Shweta Aggarwal has started a website called We Care We Bridge that aims to help parents who are struggling to understand development delays in their children. The website offers information, resources, and tools that can be used to understand various disorders that affect children in the early years.

Many parents struggle to understand the nature of developmental delays that affect their children. A website called We Care We Bridge aims to end some of that confusion as it offers various tools that can be used to screen children as per their developmental milestones.

Take Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for instance that encompasses a range of neuro-developmental disorders and can affect communication, socialisation, interactive skills in children. The prevalence of autism in India and across the world has increased over the years and one in 59 children now have ASD. Yet, there is a huge lack of awareness about autism, its symptoms, effects, and coping strategies.

This is also true for other disorders like ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc. Lack of information and awareness makes it hard for parents to care for their children and the ignorance is even more evident is small towns.

Talking about her inspiration to create 'We Care We Bridge' website, Founder Shweta Agrawal who is a Special Educator says, "The main aim is creating awareness about autism and other developmental disorders. Most families today are nuclear with a single child and parents are not able to compare the child's development. Parents can be busy with their jobs and may not notice if the child is reaching age appropriate developmental milestones. We wanted to create a platform that will help parents be more aware about the child's growth and ensure that early intervention is possible. It is important that parents notice and accept if the child is lagging behind and get expert opinion in time."

We Care We Bridge offers information about these disorders and there are various screening tools too. Pune- based Paediatric Occupational Therapist Dr Priyanka Marwaha is familiar with the website and believes it could be useful to many families. "This site would help in giving families of special needs children valuable resources to assist in the care of a child with developmental challenges," says Dr Marwaha.

Many parents have checked out the site as well. Like Prashant Kumar, a parent and software engineer from Princeton, United Kingdom.

The site is well-structured and provides information about Schools, special educators, therapists and centres that cater to special needs children. It also has comprehensive checklists for various issues like sensory, speech language, and developmental milestones that parents can use to gauge and understand their kid's problems. One can also register online for screening to evaluate the signs of developmental or communication challenges and behaviour of the child. - Prashant Kumar, Parent

The website has evolved as a platform that offers a wide range of services such as online screening, consultation, expert opinions etc. It also has information about early intervention centres across India where parents can seek help.

"We Care We Bridge is a one stop solution for all the If's and but's, questions, confusions, doubts", says Sandeep Pai S, Principal Surana Vidyalaya, Bengaluru. "It gives you strength and reenergises the parent in you. All your needs are taken care of and I recommend the site not only to parents but also educators, principals and inclusion teams".

Click here to know more about We Care We Bridge

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