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Wheelchair taxi service Ezy Mov launches outstation trips from Delhi for people with disabilities & the elderly

Looking to enjoy a weekend getaway from Delhi but don't have a modified car at your disposal? Well, your search ends 1 August. Read on to know more.

Neha Bansal, co-founder of leading eyewear retailer Lenskart Solutions Pvt Ltd loves to travel but finds her options limited as a wheelchair user. She would love, for instance, to explore holiday destinations outside Delhi and soon, she can look forward to doing exactly that.

Ezy Mov, the company behind India's first wheelchair taxi service, has announced plans to launch outstation trips from Delhi from 1 August. Great news, says Neha, who looks forward to exploring hill stations near Delhi.

One of my biggest frustrations is that you cannot travel in India because of the lack of accessible transport. There are so many excursions one can make to places that are just seven to eight hours away but one cannot do that for this reason alone. In Delhi, I have a car with a hydraulic lift so I still manage. I use Ezy Mov extensively in Mumbai and this is great news. - Neha Bansal, Co-founder, Lenskart Solutions Pvt Ltd

Bennet D'cunha, Co-founder, Ezy Mov says the Delhi launch has been in the planning stages for over a year. The company plans to launch retail taxi operations in the national capital from the end of the year.

"We are scheduled to run full fledged retail taxi operations from November/December on completion of transport formalities. However, it made sense till then to start outstation trips to get a feel of the accessible tourism market", said Bennet to NewzHook.

Even better, the company has a pan-India permit which means users can travel to any destination in India.

The vehicles used will be Tata Winger, which can seat three non-disabled people and two wheelchair users. "Rates will be as per the duration and longevity of the travel. The standard rates would be ₹18 per km", adds Bennet.

Chand Jalan, a wheelchair user and regular customer of Ezy Mov, has used their services to travel outside Mumbai to places like Shirdi.

"I love their services. The cars have locks and there are seat belts that work so you feel safe". As someone who loves to travel, this is a dream come true for Chand. "For people who find train travel difficult, this is a blessing. Yes, it is a little expensive for us but this is a special service and totally worth it. The drivers are very nice too. The best part is that you can travel with your family. I would recommend it to everyone - 1,000%. "

CALL +91 90290-90880 to know more about this service.

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