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Wheelchair taxi service Ezy Mov partners with AquaCentric to provide accessible therapy to disabled people

Ezy Mov, the first wheelchair taxi service for disabled people has partnered with Aqua Centric therapy centre in Mumbai. Aqua Centric offers rehabilitation facility through 'Aquatic Therapy' and Ezy Mov makes it possible for disabled people to go for regular sessions comfortably.

Aqua Centric is a holistic therapy center that provides expert care, guidance and therapy to people who need rehabilitation after injury, disability and other physical ailments.

The center offers a dedicated team of doctors, physiotherapist, trainers and has state of the art equipment for rehabilitation process. People with disabilities and limited mobility can benefit from water based therapy however, lack of access to accessible transport poses a major challenge.

Bennet Dcunha, Director, Ezy Mov spoke to Newz Hook.

"Our aim is to ensure the best accessible transport facility to people with disabilities. By joining hands with Aqua Centric we wanted to help those who need the hydro therapy but are not able to do so due to transportation issues. The good things is we are able to offer discounts to people who are availing the service and they can get health benefits so it is a win-win for people with disabilities", he said.

Wheelchair taxi service Ezy Mov is making it possible for people with mobility issues to get to the Aqua Centric center comfortably and that too with discounts. People seeking therapy are picked up by Ezy Mov and taken to Aqua Centric as per their scheduled session.

After the session, clients are dropped back at their destination. The transport facility makes it easier for people to get to their sessions on time without having to worry about hassles on the road.

Filmmaker Rustom Irani is one happy client and recommends the therapy to other people. Rustom a wheelchair user suffered a serious injury when he was roughly handled by the airport staff almost a year ago. As a result, he was advised bed rest for an indefinite period and had to suffer a lot of physical and mental agony.

I was advised aquatic therapy and started my session with some apprehensions. However, I am so happy with the improvement I feel now in my body. The staff, doctors are highly experienced and take complete care of the patients as per the needs. The equipment at the center is extremely advanced and designed to provide the maximum benefit to people like me who are seeking rehabilitation and physical therapy. I will definitely recommend aquatic therapy to others. Now that Ezy Mov is providing the transport facility, I don't have to worry at all about getting to the centre for my sessions. Rustom Irani , Filmmaker

Many people are experiencing the benefits and positive changes that hydro therapy or 'Aquatic Therapy' provides. Water makes our body feel lighter and adds flexibility. The touch of water is therapeutic and does not let a person feel tired when they perform exercises in it.

Aquatic therapy has been found to treat acute injuries as well as pain of chronic conditions in several cases. Although the results may vary from person to person depending on their medical condition.

CALL +91 90290-90880 to know more about Ezy Mov service.

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