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With a bright academic record, Devanshi Dua becomes a role model for excellence

Devanshi Dua, who is studying in class 11 at a leading ICSE school in Nagpur was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was two and half years old. But her parents Reena Dua and Vivek Dua were determined of empowering her. Devanshi scored high marks for her class 10 board exams and even came in the third place for her half yearly exams recently at a mainstream school. The journey of this family towards making Devanshi empowered is truly inspiring.

When Devanshi Dua was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of two, her parents Reena Dua and Vivek Dua did not have any awareness about the disability. But they were determined to empower Devanshi to make her an independent and young woman. Thus began her journey. Now, Devanshi, who is studying in class 11 at a leading ICSE school in Kanpur shows that one can excel in academics irrespective of having a disability. She scored over 83% for her class 10 exams from a mainstream school. Devanshi is now pursuing a commerce stream with maths. This youngster talks about her dreams and ambitions of making it big.

Reena Dua remembers that Devanshi was born as a premature baby who weighed only around 1.2 kgs owing to which the oxygen supply to her brain was partly cut off. She underwent various therapies and while studying in class 2, did her first major surgery. Even though all this caused many emotional and mental turmoil to the Dua's, they stood by their daughter through all odds. Today, Reena, who works as a teacher in Devanshi's same school is her biggest support system.

I always tell her that every person is different and no one can be the same. When I look back, I'am happy that I at least have a child to take care of. Since her birth and after all that she underwent, Devanshi has remained strong and improved a lot-Reena Dua, Devanshi's mother.

Devanshi uses six elbow crutches to move around. "She loves to carry her school bag and do things on her own. But she cannot always do that. Devanshi also wants to take part in extra-curricular activities and her health does not permit her to do so. I keep telling her that she attends school to study and not to take part in other activities", says Reena.

The mother-daughter duo recollects many incidents where people who lack awareness about disabilities have looked down upon them. "There were many times when Devanshi has felt awkward about people looking at her oddly. I tell her to let it be and ask her to ignore them. It is high time that society's attitudes towards disabled children change. Devanshi is just like any other child", adds Reena. Being the only child with a disability in her school has not affected her in anyways because the school has been very inclusive.

For Devanshi, Accounts is her favourite subject any day. "I love working on money transactions, interests, loans and so on. I hope to work in the commerce department of a leading company or a government organisation. I also want to do my higher studies in B.com. My parents are very supportive. I also love to keep my body fit and hence love doing physical exercises", says Devanshi.

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