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#LovePossible - Unni Maxx & Sreeparvathy’s love grows each day

In our Valentine's Day series #LovePossible, we bring you the love story of disability rights crusader Unni Maxx and his life partner Sreeparvathy. Last Valentine's Day, they celebrated 12 years of togetherness. Initially thick friends, Maxx and Parvathy decided to live their life together. Read on to find out how.

Way back in 2006, online chat portals were a huge hit. One day, Maxx decided to try out what the hype is all about. He spoke to a few people and realised that the platform was fun. After a few weeks, he happened to meet Parvathy in one of the chat rooms. They both started talking and instantly had a great connection.

I was in college during that time. I had just met with an accident and started using the wheelchair. Back then, meeting new people through social media was a new thing. I and Parvathy started off as great friends. We could speak about anything under the sun. In fact, we remained friends for almost three years until she proposed to me-Unni Maxx

It was one of Maxx's close friend who took the initiative to let Parvathy know about Maxx's feelings. One day, she called up Parvathy and said that Maxx likes her.

"Maxx's friend said that she has never heard him speak about any girls like how he speaks about me. Until then, I never had such feelings for him apart from us sharing a great bond. But I started developing feelings for him when she told me that. The very next day, I called him and asked whether he would like to get married to me. I knew that we both shared a great vibe. Why not take it further?", says Parvathy.

In fact, during the initial days, Parvathy never knew that Maxx has a disability until she read an article about him in the newspaper.

"Maxx's father is a singer. Once, his article came in the newspaper and there was a mention about Maxx as well. That is when I understood that he has a disability. We were thick friends by then. Honestly, his disability never bothered me or came in the path of my love for him. Initially, I felt a little upset. But that was not sympathy. I understood that nothing matters or comes in between us", adds Parvathy.

Parvathy, who hails from Kozhikode, was also in her college when she met Maxx. When she proposed the idea of marriage to her family, they were against her tying the knot with him. But Parvathy was determined to live with her soul mate. She left home the same day to get married to Maxx.

"Initially, her family was not OK with the idea. But now, they are all happy. In fact, her mother stays with us now", says Maxx.

What attracted Parvathy to Maxx are his fearless attitude, jovial nature and love towards life. Moreover, they give each other a lot of space which is essentially the mantra to a successful married life.

"In all these 12 years, we never had a complicated issue in our married life. It has been going very smoothly. I'am a very dreamy person and Maxx is a realist. We are poles apart, but we do have many things in common too. Maybe that is what attracted us to each other. In fact, my love and respect for him grows every single day. If we ever get bored of each other, we find something new to refresh our relationship and it does work. Both us know that people get bored and tired of each other. It is natural. But you need to find something anew that keeps your relationship great", says Parvathy.

Parvathy is a professional writer and Maxx is her biggest supporter. Maxx and Parvathy love travelling. Since Maxx loves driving, the couple spends their holidays exploring new places and meeting new people. They also love spending time with friends and family together. Irrespective of any barriers ahead of them, Maxx and Parvathy wants to hold hands and stay together forever.


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